A Basic Analysis Of Picking Out Aspects For Bedding Sets

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A7. This bedding can help balance temperature, even in hot summer months! You’re welcome. #SNSweepstakes

The partnership with BEDGEAR is part of the Padres organization’s focus on providing each player with the resources needed to support his overall health, wellness and recovery. On May 30th, BEDGEAR hosted an exclusive team fitting at Petco Park for the Padres to have one-on-one sessions where they were properly fit for a Performance Mattress and Performance Pillow, based on each player’s individual sleep style and body frame. The BEDGEAR Performance Sleep System® is completed by the players’ selection amongst BEDGEAR’s range of airflow enhancing sheets, mattress protector and recently introduced Performance Blanket® “As we aim to provide our players and staff with the resources they need to both support and positively affect their overall health and wellness, we are proactive in trying to ensure quality sleep each night,” said Padres Head Athletic Trainer Mark Rogow. “BEDGEAR has been a great partner in providing them with outstanding, personal fit bedding and pillow selections, as well as in helping us build out our Recovery Room. Those resources, along with ongoing education about sleep and recovery, will pay off for everyone in the clubhouse, in the short and long term.” “We are extremely excited about our new partnership with the Padres and this platform to engage with the players and trainers on creating greater achievement though improved sleep. We see activations like this providing an opportunity for fans to connect with the players in an additional, positive way about how they manage their professional lives, since better sleep is a factor for all of us,” says Eugene Alletto, BEDGEAR CEO and Founder. ชุดเครื่องนอน พร้อมส่ง As part of the team’s focus on recovery, BEDGEAR continued the project it pioneered of building out a Recovery Room in the private player area of the ballpark. The Padres Recovery Room is equipped with BEDGEAR’s new mattresses, the M1 and the M1X, for two comfort choices – firmer and softer – and the complete family of BEDGEAR Performance Sleep System products. BEDGEAR’s patented pillow cart houses each player’s preferred Performance Pillow, so they can enjoy the comforts of home on-site. Additional information at: bedgear .com| facebook.com/bedgear | Twitter: @bedgear | Instagram: @bedgear Founded in 2009, BEDGEAR invented the fast-growth brand of PERFORMANCE® bedding for people that want more out of life. BEDGEAR is redefining the way people view sleep by offering personalized fit products based on sleep position and body frame.

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